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This directory act as a guide in providing information on Archtecture's of India. This page provides links to various Architects, associations, architectural monuments, art galleries, magazines, etc.

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Web Sites

Architecture in Ancient India
Contains an overview and pictures of ancient Indian architecture which was known as Sthapatya Shastra.

CET Archis
A showcase for the architecture of India created by the College of Engineering And Technology (Bhubneswar). Eminent architects, architectural history, thesis drawings, alumni, forum.

Chandigarh: 50 years of the Idea
Conference examining the City of Chandigarh and the architectural and planning debate surrounding it.

Michael W. Meister
Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Specialist in the art of South Asia, works on temple architecture and other aspects of the art.

Pilgrimage and Complexity
Documents from a seminar held by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. Abstracts and full texts of presentations by eminent scholars.

Save Heritage
"Architectural Conservation Cell" advocating traditional lime and lime mortar construction techniques. Project reports and some technical information.

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