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Indian Astrology

Vedic Astrology impresses the world! This divine science is a subtle language of 'God' and hence should be heard with open ears in man's best interest. It is believed that those who come face to face with the power of vedic astrology are indeed destined for new beginings.

Once the pitfalls are revealed a wise man will always walk around it. Once the awaiting joys of the future are revealed you would want to be worthy of it. Life is no 'joke'... for the pains and sorrows of this world are real. There is no such thing as 'vedic astrology for fun' as this ancient science deals with real people, real emotions and above all the real 'truth'.

'Destiny' is pre-written. Astrology reveals it. Wisdom, fore-knowledge and actions influence it. Destiny is written to be changed. Welcome to Housefull Indian Astrology, your gateway to astounding revelations by the best soothsayers of India. Your journey begins 'Now'......

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Web Sites

Sify Astrology
Descrition : Explore the hidden potential of India's oldest science of vedic astrology. Know more about numerology, natal charts and horoscope. Read authentic daily predictions, weekly predictions, moon sign predictions, tarot card prediction. Check your marriage compatibility and your ideal lucky gem. Order horoscope online, ask our astrologer, customised gem and horoscope.

Indian Astrologers,Numerologists
Business directory of Indian Astrologers,Numerologists

Decode your destiny
An article about Mercury`s placement and its effect on the academic potential of a native, etc.


Mediescapes - Your complete guide to Medical Treatment in India
Mmedical tour operator of India offers medical treatment with post treatment India heritage / culture travel and tours packages.

Ultimate Astro Prasanna Matrimonial
This is an ultimate web site which provides the following ultimate services in Astro Realms.99.99cccuracy in Astro Predictions.Ultimate Prasanna Services - NO HOROSCOPE needed.Ultimate Numerology Predictions.Get your problems noted

Astrology And Horoscopes
Guide to Analyse Astrology, Indian Astrology, Horoscopes, Numerology,Palmistry,Gemology online.

Know Your Life Potential
Mr. Satish Joshi, the Vedic Astrologer (Jyotishi) has worked for years in USA, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Switzerland for the promotion of Vedic Jyotish around the world.

Predictive Scieces
Live life to your full destined potential through judicious use of Vedic Astrology wisdom.


Ask a Question,Info-Desk,Fortune Moon Sign this week

First Astronomy Website in Marathi

Know about Vedas, Puranas,Ramayana,Matrimonials,Holy places,Ayurveda, Live chat with panditji and know about ur future.

Find your career, Love

MahaLaxmi Vedic Astrology Centre
For consultancy on Vedic Astrology,Vedic Numerology,Astro-Vaastu,Feng-shui and effective Vedic remedial measures.

Get Prediction

Astrology reading, indian zodiac, fortune teller, indian astrology, online astrology, readings
Astrology reading, vedic readings, vedic fortune teller, indian zodiac, indian astrology, future predictions, astrology forecast, compatibility, online vedic astrology.

Long expcd, gold medalist excellence awardee veteran Vedic Astrologer gives FREE e-mail advice and time framed individualy calculated answers to crucial personal MOMENTOUS questions .

Digital Jyotish - Vedic astrology software
Digital Jyotish - Vedic astrology software.Introduces free online Birth Chart with Printouts and Compatibility.

Astrology, horoscope, birth chart, natal chart, marriage, vedic astrology, western astrology, free services
Vedic and western astrology, horoscope websites. Numerology, palmistry, sex relations, marriage compatibility, career reports, Free reports

This site is about predictions related to astronomy

Welcome to
100olutions to all of your problems at your Home, Industry / Office and workplaces -- backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Visit us today!

Kaal Chakra
Excellent site for Vedic astrology,horoscopes,etc.

Indian Astrology
Astrology zone offering free horoscopes, zodiac compatibility, general predictions, astral remedies, natal charts, birthstones and more.


kaatyaayanijyotish - Astrology
A site on astrology .Offers astrological services right from horoscopes to mantras, tantras, vaastu and everything related to astrology.

Astrology Western & Vedic
Site offers special features on vedic astrology and books on all western and vedic readings.

Jagjit Uppal
Jagjit Uppal website on astrology, zodiac signs and horoscopes.

Bejan Daruwalla
Official site of a well-known astrologer; uses Indian astrology, Hebrew Kabala, and tarot cards.

Astro Interactive
Free astrology web site run by Mukesh Mehta; surfers can send their name, birth date, time and place and get a free astrological prediction; also lists the characteristics of various star signs.

All India Astrological Services
Services offered: horoscope predictions, monthly predictions, compatibility horoscope, auspicious time (mahurtha) to start businesses, trips, answers to specific questions etc.

Future Vision
Web site that offers to give predictions in response to specific queries; based on Hindu astrology.

Astrology and Tantra/Mantra/Yantra/Religion
Site offers consultation with astrologers, vedic astrology retreats, vedic astrology training, shri chakra and much more.Tantra/Mantra/Yantra Research/predictions/janmkundalis.A real Indian Astrologers Site You may get every thing about astrology/religion and Tantra/Mantra etc.

Ayurveda and the Astrology of India
Discusses the astrological establishment of the three doshas.

Female and the astrology of India
The women role in Indian astrology.

Dr.Mahesh Dashora Astrologer
Dr.Mahesh Dashora specialist in meditation, astropalmistry and numerology, basics of astrology & palmistry.

Astrological Research Center
List services offered by the Om Saravana Astrological Research Center at Chennai, India.

Vedic Astrology
Indian Vedic astrology is based on astronomy and uses mathematical equations.

Astrology India
Astrology India a site for observing the position of stars and making the right predictions.

Information on vedic astrology.

Astrology based on zodiac forecasts.

Home page of astrology.

Atrology Softwares
Some specialized software for astrology.

Website on astrology and hinduism.

India - Astrology
Jonathan Cainer's zodiac forecasts.

Vedic Astrology
Vedic astrology horoscopes by Jyotish astrologers living in India.

Ayurveda and Astrology of India.

Astrology web site: sections: weekly predictions, gems for you, horoscope charts, numerology, etc.

Vedic Astrology Cyber Home
Match making, birth chart, Vastu Vidya, learning astrology and more.


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