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India is the only country in the world where a large number of religions have not only evolved but flourished and have grown from strength to strength.Religion is an integeral aspect of life in India. Religion has a great impact on the personal lives of poeple of India on a daily basis. India is a secular state, where the constitution honors all religions equally. India is one of the few countries of the world where the social and religious identity of the nation has remained intact despite numerous invasions, persecution, colonialism and political upsurges.

India has traditionally been a land of faith and spirituality – it is home to the adherents of all the major religions of the world. Out of these, four were born in India while the others came with invaders, travellers and missionaries from abroad. While India is the cradle of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, Islam can be compared to an adopted child as it has been part of our social and cultural fabric for centuries. Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and Baha’ism also have their followers in India but they are very small in number. Despite the multitude of faiths prevalent in India, the country has by and large, been free of any internecine strife. Hindus constitute an overwhelming majority in the country and it is a creed which is renowned for its catholicity of outlook. For Hindus, religion is a tool to achieve a one-to-one communication between god and man. However, Hinduism became too ritualistic; and in the 6th century B.C., a great social churning took place in the country – out of which emerged Jainism and Buddhism. Jains place self-conquest above all else – it is one of the most ascetic of faiths, with its votaries living in the most spartan manner imaginable. Buddhism, on the other hand was exported to the Far East, although its philosophy was almost snuffed out in the land of its origin. An iconoclastic faith like Buddhism could not compete with ritualistic Brahminism that cleverly co-opted Buddha into their 'holy pantheon of gods'.

It is not possible to explore India without understanding its religious beliefs and practices. A number of world religions originated in India, and others that started elsewhere strengthened here. To understand India, it is important to understand its religions as religion casts its shadow on every Indian, right from their birth. There are many religions followed here but detail about some of them is given below.



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