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These are some popular sites.

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Rediff  On The Net

IndiaInfo India, the way you want it!

khoj The Great Indian Search Engine

Welcome to - It happens only in Indya

Indiatimes - Your Gateway to India

Garamchai.Com ... for the desi in pardes

forIndia Welcomes You

Best Indian Sites - Selection of best India related sites

Indiaworld - The complete Indian Business web site

INDOlink - Linking Indians Worldwide!



The Horizons - Art, Culture and Lifestyles from India

The India Network Foundation - Serving the Indian Community since 1988

Discovery India - The ultimate information center on India

Welcome to NRI Online - Home for Non Resident Indians Worldwide! - - India, NRI, News, Information, Resources, ..

Alternative Lifestyle

Art of Living Foundation Deepak Chopra
Divya Yoga - Swami Ram Dev Ji Maharaj Kundalini Yoga - Mudras or Gestures
Life Positive Mudras For Healing
Osho Scientology
The International Center for Reiki Training Vaastu International


  Quick & Most Useful Links of India
Web Sites

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters   

Mental Athletics Programme 

Nerve - because sex is beautiful and absurd, remarkably fun and reliably trauma-inducing.  

Tantra Links

WTA The World Transhumanist Association

The Molecular Biology of Paradise

Home Page of NanoTechnology Magazine

Wirehead Hedonism versus Paradise-Engineering

The Hedonistic Imperative

Hindustan Discussion on India current issues

Welcome To HerbWeb

Thinking Page better thinking using systems thinking, creativity, cybernetics, cognition research  

The Good Drug Guide new mood-brighteners and antidepressants

Global Ideas Bank - most socially innovative ideas and projects plus awards  

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Web of Addictions

SpiritWeb SpiritWeb

Utilitarianism .com Happiness on the Web

Astrological or Jyotish Website, Everything you want to know about the Astrology of India

The Osho Experience Meditation, the Science of the Inner

CREATIVITY - Enchanted Mind

The Headless Way

International Association of Sufism

Esoterica The Journal of Esoteric Studies

Dumb Laws

BeyondHuman  - Webzine that explores the limits of human potential

Serendipity Drugs, Music, Politics, Religion and More!

Alightintheattic ... got it

New Frontier Magazine

Welcome to OMNI

Atheist Alliance Web Center

Creative Center of the Universe  

Kundalini Resource Center


The Venus Project. The redesign of a culture

POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy  - Believe it or not !  

Scandals in Justice Magazine - International Edition

Speakout - Activism, Politics,Issues

Brain Food 

CorporateWatch - The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses


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