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The history of a person's life is written in his name and his date of birth. A name is given spontaneously at the time of birth, without making any calculations, comes from nature or from the universal mind, if one likes to put it that way. Such a name contains in itself the complete character of the person, his hobbies, his interests in life, vocation and complete destiny from birth till death. There are a class of people who do not like to believe in predestination and they advocate 'free will'. But a large number of cases in true life which are going to be presented later are likely to compel the reader to think that perhaps there is a predestination and each one of us is merely a puppet in the hands of some 'Universal Intelligence'.

Pythagoras believed that at the exact moment of an individual's birth the universe has a peculiar 'vibration' which effects his character and destiny in life. He assigned a particular number to each alphabet in the natural way and gave its salient features alongside. The meanings attached to the numbers have been modified through research by a series of workers to-date. For introduction we have the following:-

A,J,S 1 Courage, Initiative, Leadership, Attainment.
B,K,T 2 Peace, Partnership, Spirituality.
C,L,U 3 Imagination, Expression, Joy of Living, Creativity.
D,M,V 4 Construction, Order, Service, Limitation.
E,N,W 5 Sexuality, Constructive, Freedom, Progress, Knowledge.
F,O,X 6 Artist, Balance, Responsibility, Love of Home.
G,P,Y 7 Analysis, Understanding, Science, Meditation, Love of Solitude.
H,Q,Z 8 Judgement, Material Satisfaction, Power, Organisation.
I,R 9 Forgiveness, Selflessness, Perfection, Philanthropic and Divine Standards.

As pointed out earlier the name of a person is his autobiography of life and events---past, present and future. Every number carries behind it the occult or spiritual forces embodied in it from ancient times. Each number has in it a peculiar electro-magnetic power with which the character and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced. Having gained the numerological insight you can know how and why you or somebody behaved or is likely to behave at a certain time. According to Pythagoras both quality and quantity are represented by the numbers 1 to 9. Each number has a positive effect with individual is endowed. There is a negative effect of numbers which prevails specially at the time of conflict between two or more numbers and the clash can be straightened out with proper understanding.

Birth # 1:
Element: Fire (Intution, Spirit, Energy)
Planet: Sun
Best Day: Sunday
Gem Stone: Ruby
Colors: Yellow, Orange Family

Birth # 2:
Element: Water (Feelings & Emotions)
Planet : Moon
Best Day : Monday
Gem Stone : Pearl
Colors : Cream, Green and white family

Birth # 3:
Element: Fire (Intution, Spirit, Energy)
Planet: Jupiter
Best Day: Thursday
Gem Stone: Yellow sapphire
Colors: Lilac, purple and Mauve family

Birth # 4:
Element: Air (Thinking & Intellect)
Planet : Rahu
Best Day : Saturday
Gem Stone : Gomed (Hessonitel)
Colors : Electric tones of shades

Birth # 5:
Element:  Air (Thinking & Intellect)
Planet : Mercury
Best Day : Wednesday
Gem Stone : Emerald
Colors : Light mixed colors

Birth # 6:
Element: Earth (practical & Methodological)
Planet : Venus
Best Day : Friday
Gem Stone : Diamond
Colors : All shades of blue

Birth # 7:
Element: Water (Feelings & Emotions)
Planet : Ketu
Best Day : Monday
Gem Stone : Cat's eye
Colors : Pastel colors

Birth # 8:
Element: Earth (practical & Methodological)
Planet : Saturn
Best Day : Saturday
Gem Stone : Pearl
Colors : Dark colors like Black,
Navy and Dark brown

Birth # 9:
Element: Fire (Intution, spirit & Energy)
Planet : Mars
Best Day : Tuesday
Gem Stone : Red coral
Colors : Red, rose & Crimson Family

There are four categories into which the meanings have been divided:-

Positive Effect = Personality, the positive side of the nature.

Opportunities and Vocation = Openings for personal career and fields of business activities.

Negative Effect = The other side of the nature at the time of conflict.

Personal Side = Behaviour and outcome in human relationships

The Power of One
The number One is ruled by the Sun. The number One brings a bright, radiant energy, with a strong desire to develop the self and become a leader. Those with this number are courageous, original, innovative, independent, and capable of taking initiative. Those with the number One as their number aspire towards greatness, they never think small in terms of their goals or dreams. They may have some interest in psychic sciences, however the number One creates a more active than contemplative nature. Those with One are gifted with regal qualities and should allow themselves to grow in refinement, both spiritually and physically. Patience and prudence need to be developed so people will respect them rather than viewing them as rash and ambitious. They should guard against sudden anger and being overly active. Their great inner fire, brought by the number One, should be focused for the good of all and their passions should be used to help improve life for others in some way. They will do well by being generous in acknowledging the contributions of others as this will prevent aloofness and aloneness. They will enjoy staying open to new ideas and can help teach them to others. A good leader sets a positive example and that is what a person with this number is here to do - without becoming self-important. Meditation benefits those with One to help them stay inspired and renewed, which is essential to their spirit.

The Power of Two
The number Two is ruled by the Moon. This number brings a peacemaking energy, emotional receptiveness, and a genuine need to create harmony and balance. Those with the number Two have natural tendencies toward cooperation, being a team player, and diplomacy. They are truly friendly, have great personal magnetism, and people intuitively know they are a good person to have as a friend, so they make friends where ever they go. Others appreciate them for being gentle, intuitive, content, and peaceful. It is important for those with the number Two to have a beautiful home and to participate in some way in the fine arts (music, dance, cinema, etc.) as these help renew the spirit. Those with Two bring Light to others through their sense of humor. They are skilled in negotiation and are naturally persuasive. They are capable of helping others to create win-win arrangements as they care about all sides in a situation. They may have teaching abilities and some gift with sales. People respect their honesty. Travel is good for those with the number Two. It is necessary for those with this number to be optimistic and never succumb to self-pity or depression. Yogic practices will be very helpful in warding off negativity and strengthening inner joy. When faced with indecision, they should meditate and wait for clarity.

The Power of Three
The number Three is ruled by Jupiter. This number brings a tendency toward spirituality, compassion towards others, and optimism. Those with the number Three are happy by nature and have the ability to let go of grudges easily. Being overly idealistic may pose a problem, and their practical lives should be balanced with attention to business matters and development of entrepreneurship. Sincerity and responsibility are good qualities for those with the number Three to develop, as others respect these qualities. Those with the number Three can make others comfortable in conversation and social situations, and people appreciate them for this. They do well to apply discipline to their own life, but do not insist on that with others. Those with Three will benefit from rigorously organizing their daily life, as this will allow more of their genuine creativity to flourish. Their home should be kept spotless as chaos in that area is a source of stress. It is important for those with the number Three to renew themselves by spending some time in nature on a regular basis. Those with the number Three have great capacity to be beneficial to others and should never be wasteful. They should not yield to any addictive tendencies, as they will evolve through a path of moderation and humility. They aspire towards being ethical in their dealings and carefully weigh what others say. The purpose of those with Three is to help energize and inspire others. Their natural wit can lighten many situations, and their gift for words should always be used in a positive way. Their genuine optimism can help draw many toward Light.

The Power of Four
The number Four is ruled by Rahu. Those with the number Four have a steadfast, stabilizing energy, and a great love for freedom of expression. The number Four brings good business insight with excellent managerial and organizational skills. Those with Four tend to be pragmatic, which is a great strength. While they are hard working and efficient, they should be gracious toward others who are not as dedicated. Those with Four have a steadying influence on others through their ability to maintain order and convention, however the number Four creates a tendency towards taking on the fears and worries of others. A good daily practice for those whose number is Four is to review the entire day at night, and give thanks for the gifts and blessings that have occurred, whether large or small. They should express appreciation and celebrate life. This positive, heartfelt outflow will help protect those with the number Four from their habit of worry. This tendency should be conquered as it drains the energy needed for accomplishment. The number Four brings abilities for patience and detachment. Meditation will help keep their confidence and focus flowing. Those who have Four are among the salt of the earth who truly follow through with commitment.

The Power of Five
The number Five is ruled by Mercury. The number Five brings an adaptable, versatile, mutable energy. Those with Five are energetic, productive, and enterprising, with an aggressive side that serves well in business or career. They will experience both change and progress several times in their lives. The number Five creates talents in commercial and media fields, especially careers associated with communication. Those with Five do best when kept busy and can become moody and impatient when work is slow. They must ensure they get enough sleep as their quick mind can become strained without sufficient rest. Daily meditation will be extremely renewing and helpful for them. Those with Five cannot afford to indulge in depression and must learn to monitor their moods so that they are graceful with others. Those with Five are well liked by others, but must guard against a tendency toward sarcasm and learn to soften their speech with kindness. They embrace freedom and following their curiosity. Sculpture, music, mathematics and the arts have value for them. Those with Five will benefit from higher education such as colleges and universities throughout their life, as Five brings the ability and intelligence to pick up new concepts quickly. They have a natural gift for resourcefulness and can be unshakeable in a crisis. Those with the number Five are here on a path of liberation and freedom. They can help others learn to embrace change.

The Power of Six
The number Six is ruled by Venus and influenced by Mars. The number Six brings a nurturing, beautifying energy. Those influenced by Six are compassionate and can express generosity and give comfort to others. They are capable of being truly considerate and loving. They have a romantic side and would do well to create a beautiful environment in their homes, as they have great ability to enjoy the material world and its pleasures. Those with Six bring their love of beauty into service with the larger community. Their creative talents brings harmony in their career field. Poetry, music, dance and other arts can open many doors for them. Those with Six should ward off vanity and temperamental outbursts and use their influence with others with grace and dignity. Yogic practices will do wonders for those with Six to help them maintain their spiritual connection and inner happiness. Relationships are an interest to them, and they have the ability to counsel others. Those with Six have a quiet charm and a capacity to share Light and wisdom with those around them. They should embrace their love of wealth and their enjoyment of material comforts as part of what they came here to share with others.

The Power of Seven
The number Seven is ruled by Ketu. This number brings a thoughtful, independent, discerning energy. Those whose number is Seven are blessed with the ability to analyze, seek out, dig deeply and contemplate. It is natural for those with Seven to use their skills at research and observation. Travel to foreign countries may open business opportunities for those with Seven, and pilgrimages to spiritual power places in other countries deeply strengthens them. The number Seven brings curiosity about other cultures and benefits from exposure to them. Seven creates strong intuition and a natural interest in occult sciences. Qualities associated with Seven are good for education and teaching, as it creates a deep love and respect for wisdom. Those with Seven as their number are mystical with a deep desire to help reduce the suffering of others. Career fields that they could do well in include scientific research, law, medicine, writing, musical composition, astrology, philosophy, theology or work dealing with book shops or libraries. Those with Seven should work on patience and perseverance to obtain the best results for their efforts. They have a natural affinity for the sea, and a home by the water is soothing for them as is meditating near the ocean or a lake. Their lives work best when they are motivated by high ideals, and when they feel they are following noble impulses.

The Power of Eight
The number Eight is ruled by Saturn. The number Eight brings an extremely loyal, perservering, tenacious energy. Those with this number are here to gain mastery of the self. They are cool and analytic, and can be considered a master of shrewdness. They have great determination and would do well to use meditation to develop a polished, one-pointed mind, as they have capacity for great concentration. Those with the number Eight have a strong drive to achieve, and they are a natural to succeed with organization and business. The number Eight creates a flair for material success. They have great sympathy for the oppressed, as any struggles they have endured make them compassionate toward pain in others. The number Eight brings forth a natural interest in justice and law. Those with the number Eight do well with many forms of corporate business including banking and accounting. They have some visionary abilities and are powerful when being authentic. They should guard against extreme views if they become interested in religion and tolerance toward others who may not share their beliefs should be practiced. Those with the number Eight are naturally patient and persevering. They are willing to make sacrifices to achieve their goals, but this should not let them become arrogant toward others who are not as strong-minded. They should never underestimate the strength of their will-power and should apply it for noble purposes. Their endurance can help make the world a better place and they are capable of making a real difference in the lives of others.

The Power of Nine
The number Nine is ruled by Mars. Those with the number Nine have a highly courageous, adventurous energy. They were born to fight through adversity to victory. They carry a natural interest in the well-being of the world and do well in fields such as military, environmental organizations, religious orders, veterinary science and other animal/wildlife fields, as well as medicine. They are passionate lovers and believe life is meant to be enjoyed. They are bold and have great fortitude which can carry them through anything. They should learn to forgive more easily and have more patience with the human frailties of others. Meditation will enable those whose number is Nine to focus their concentration and to control their anger and to grow toward cosmic consciousness. Those with the number Nine will have some natural gifts with psychic abilities and will do well to learn to utilize their powers for self-healing and for helping others. Although they do not often seek advice, they would do well to ponder advice from older persons when it is given and allow the wisdom of experience to temper their impetuosity. The physical body is a great tool for them, and they would do well to engage in sports (including martial arts) or yoga to keep fit. Those with the number Nine are practical and can bring a good head to business and administration. They can help others learn the importance of self-defense and defending what matters. Red is a color that helps bring out natural strength, and they should allow it to appear in their wardrobe on a frequent basis. Those with the number Nine should apply their sense of adventure to spiritual pursuits, which will allow their hearts to open fully.

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