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Name Meaning
Dahlia Flower name
Daivya divine
Daksa talented; perfect
Daksha the earth; Sati, wife of Shiva
Dakshata skill
Dakshayani Goddess Durga
Damayanti Nala's wife
Damini goddess Durga
Dana Mother of the Gods in myths
Danita God is my judge
Daphne Laurel
Darpana a mirror
Dawn new beginning
Daya compassion
Dayamayee kind
Dayanita tender
Dayita beloved
Deborah A bee
Deeba silk
Deepa light
Deepabali row of lamps
Deepali row of lamps
Deepamala row of lamps
Deepanwita lit by lamps
Deepaprabha fully lighted
Deepashikha flame
Deepika light
Deepta shining
Deepti flame; lustre
Deeptikana a beam of light
Deeptimoyee lustrous
Deirdre One who rages
Denise From Greek God
Desiree Desired
Devahuti daughter of Manu
Devak divine
Devangana celestial maiden
Devasree divine beauty
Devi goddess
Devika minor goddess
Devyani daughter of Shukraacharya
Dhanashree beauty
Dhanashri a raga
Dhanishta a star
Dhanya great
Dhara the earth
Dharani mystical verse recited to ease pain
Dharitri the earth
Dhatri Goddess Parvati
Dhriti patience
Dhvani sound
Diana Divine
Diksha initiation
Dilber lover
Dilshad happy
Dipali row of lights
Dipika a small lamp
Dipti brightness
Disha direction
Diti wife of the sage Kashyap
Divya divine
Diya light
Dolores From the Virgin Mary
Donna Mistress of the house
Doris Place name
Dorothy Gift of God
Dory Golden haired
Doyel a songbrid
Draupadi wife of the Pandavas
Drishti sight
Dristi eyesight
Dulari dear
Durga succour; the Goddess
Durva, Durba sacred grass
Dwipavati river


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