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Name Meaning
Jabeen forehead
Jade Stone
Jagadamba mother of the universe
Jagriti vigilance
Jahanara queen of the world
Jaheel lake
Jaishree honour of victory
Jaisudha nectar of victory
Jaiwanti victory
Jalabala a river
Jalaja lotus
Jamini night
Jamuna s holy river
Janaki another name for Sita
Janet God's gracious gift
Janhavi river Ganga
Jannat heaven
Jasmine Amiable and sweet - flower
Jasoda mother of Lord krishna
Jasodhara mother of Lord Buddha
Jaya victory
Jayalakshmi the goddess of victory
Jayalalita victorious goddess Durga
Jayamala garland of victory
Jayanthashree a raga
Jayanti victorious in the end
Jayantika Goddess Durga; Parvati
Jayashree the goddess of victory
Jayasri goddess of victory
Jayati victorious
Jayita victories
Jeet victory
Jeeval full of life
Jeevankala art of life
Jeevanlata creeper of life
Jetashri a raga
Jhanavi Ganga
Jharna a stream
Jhilmil sparkling
Jhinuk oyster
Jigya curiosity to know
Joel God
Joella Lord is willing
Joline He will increase
Joshita pleased
Jowaki a firefly
Juanita God is gracious
Juhi a flower
Jui a flower
Juily a flower
Jyoti brilliant; the light of the sun
Jyotibala splendour
Jyotika light; a flame
Jyotirmoyee lustrous
Jyotishmati lustrous
Jyotsna moonlight


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