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Name Meaning
Aadi first; most important
Aafreen encouragement
Aalap musical
Aandaleeb The Bulbul (bird)
Aarman Desire
Aaron High Mountain
Aatish Explosive, a Dynamic person
Aayush Long life
Aayushman Long life
Abhay fearless
Abheek fearless
Abhijat Unconquerable
Abhijay Unconquered
Abhijit victorious
Abhilash desire
Abhiman Pride
Abhimanyu Arjuna's son
Abhinav novel
Abhirup pleasing
Abhishek an auspicious bath for a deity; anointing
Abhra cloud
Abraham Father of the multitude
Achal constant
Achintya inconceivable; a name of Lord Shiva
Achyut imperishable; a name of Vishnu
Adair Form of Edgar
Adarsh ideal
Adesh command
Adhik greater
Adil sincere; just
Adinath the first lord; Lord Vishnu
Adit from the beginning
Aditya the sun
Adwaita non-duality
Adway one; united
Aftab the sun
Aftab,Aftaab the sun
Agasti, Agastya name of a sage
Agha pre-eminent
Agharna the moon
Aghat destroyer of sin
Agniprava bright as the fire
Agrim leader; first
Agriya first best
Ahsan mercy
Aijaz favour
Aiman fearless
Ainesh the sun's glory
Ajamil a mythological king
Ajatashatru without enemies
Ajay invincible
Ajit invincible
Ajitabh one who has conquered the sky
Ajitesh Vishnu
Ajmal pious
Akalmash stainless
Akash the sky
Akbar powerful
Akbar Akeel
Akhil complete
Akhilesh lord of all
Akmal complete
Akram excellent
Akroor kind
Akshan eye
Akshar imperishable
Akshath indestructible
Akshay indestructible
Akshit permanent
Akul a name of Lord Shiva
Alam, Aalam the whole world
Alamgir the lord of the whole world
Alan Rock or Noble
Albert Noble Bright
Alden Old Friend
Alec Form of Alexander
Aleem knowledgeable
Alexander Defender of men
Alhad joy
Ali protected by god
Alok a man with lovely hair
Aloke light
Amal unblemished; pure
Amalendu the unblemished moon
Amalesh the pure one
Amartya immortal
Ambarish the sky
Amber the sky
Ambuj lotus
Ameya immeasurable
Amil invaluable
Amin, Ameen divine grace
Amir rich
Amish honest
Amit without limit
Amitabha, Amitav limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha
Amitbikram limitless prowess
Amitiyoti limitless brightness
Amitrasudan destroyer of enemies
Amiya nectar; delight
Amlan unfading; everbright
Amlankusum unfading flower
Ammar the maker
Amod pleasure
Amogh a name of Lord Ganesh
Amol priceless
Amolik, Amolak priceless
Amrit, Amrik nectar
Amulya priceless
Anadi eternal
Anal fire
Anamitra the usn
Ananda, Anand joy; happiness
Ananga, Anang name of Cupid or Kamadeva
Ananta, Anant infinite
Anarghya priceless
Andrew Manly
Angad an ornament
Angel Messanger, angel
Angus Unique choice
Anil the wind god
Animish, Animesh open-eyed therefore attractive
Anirudhha free; grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan undying
Anish Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Anjum a token
Anjuman a token; a sumbol
Ankit conquered
Ankur sprout; new life
Ankush check; an instrument used for guiding elephants
Anmol priceless
Anshu the sun
Anshul radiant
Anshuman the sun
Anshumat luminous
Anthony Flower
Anu an atom
Anuj younger brother
Anuja younger brother
Anunay supplication; consolation
Anup, Anoop without comparison
Anupam without comparison
Anurag, Anuraag love
Anuttam unsurpassed
Anwar devote of God
Apparajito undefeated
Apurva, Apoorva unique
Arav peaceful
Archan worship
Archit worshipped
Ardhendu half moon
Arghya offering to the Lord
Arhant destroyer of enemies
Arindam destroyer of enemies
Arjit earned
Arjun Pandava prince; bright
Arka the sun
Arnav ocean
Arnesh lord of the sea
Arnold Eagle Power
Arshad pious
Arte Noble, bear man
Arthur Bear
Arun, Aroon mythical charioteer of the sun; dawn
Aruni name of a devoted pupil
Arvind lotus
Arvinda, Arabinda lotus
Aryaman the sun
Asao, Asav essence
Aseem, Ashim limitless
Asgar devotee
Ashis benediction
Ashish Blessing
Ashok without grief
Ashraf without grief
Ashu quick
Ashutosh Lord Shiva
Ashwin a Hindu month
Ashwin, Asvin a Hindu month
Ashwini a star
Asim, Aseem limitless
Asit, Ashit the planet
Aslesh embrance
Atal immoveable
Atanu Cupid
Atma soul
Atmaja son
Atmananda bliss of soul
Atul, Atulya matchless
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Avanindra lord of the earth
Avanish lord of the earth
Avatar incarnation
Avinash indestructible
Avkash limitless space
Ayog institution
Azeez friend
Azhar famous
Azzam the lord; Almighty


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