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Name Meaning
Calder Cool Clear Spring
Caleb Messanger, Dog
Calvin Bald One
Cameron Place name crooked stream, crooked nose
Carlos Strong and manly
Cary Place name, pleasent stream
Casey Watchful
Ceasar Hairy Child
Cesar Long Haired
Chaggan the Zodiac sign of Aries
Chaitanya another name for Krishna
Chakor a bird enamoured of the moon
Chakrapani Lord Vishnu
Chakshu eye
Chaman garden
Chamanlal garden
Champak a flower
Chanchal restless
Chand moon
Chandak the moon
Chandan sandalwood
Chandra bright, radiant
Chandrabhan the moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandrahas bow of Shiva
Chandrak peacock feather
Chandrakanta the moon
Chandrakishore the moon
Chandrakumar the moon
Chandramohan attractive like the moon
Chandran the moon
Chandranath the moon
Chandraraj moonbeam
Chandrasekhara another name for Shiva
Chapal quick
Charan feet
Charles A Man
Chaturmukha one with four faces; Brahma
Chaz Form of Charles
Chetan soul, conscience
Chetana intelligence
Chhandak the charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chidambar one whose heart is as big as the sky
Chidananda Lord Shiva
Chinmay blissful
Chinmayananda blissful
Chintamani philosopher's stone
Chintan thought, perception
Chirag a lamp
Chiranjeev lifelong
Chirantan immortal
Chirayu immortal
Chitrabhanu fire
Chitraksh beautiful eyed
Chitral of variegated colour
Chitramukha having a beautiful face
Chitrarath the sun
Chitrasen a king of Gandharvas
Chitta knowledge
Chittaranjan joy of inner mind
Chittaswarup the supreme spirit
Chittesh lord of the soul
Christian Annointed
Christopher One who belives in Christ
Chudamani jewel adorned by the gods
Clarence Place name
Clark Surname, scholar
Claud Lame
Clay Surname, clay-pit worker
Clayton Surname, place name, clay-pit site
Clifford Placename, near a slope
Clinton Surname, place name, near a hill
Coleman Dove, peace
Colin dove
Colston Place name,surname
Conner High desire
Cooper Surname
Corbett Black hair
Cortez Surname, place name
Cosmo Order
Craig Rocky outcropping
Curtis Courteous
Cyril Lord, ruler


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