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Name Meaning
Habib beloved
Hadden Child of heather filled valley
Hafiz protected
Hamid friend
Hamir a raga
Hans swan
Hanuman son of Vayu, god of wind
Hanumant the monkey god of Ramayana
Hardik heartfelt
Harekrishna Lord Krishha
Harendra Lord Shiva
Haresh Lord Krishna
Hari the Zodiac sign of Leo; a ray of light; fire
Haridas servant of Krishna
Harigopal Lord Krishna
Harihar Lord Vishnu
Hariharan Vishnu and Shiva conjoined
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu
Hariom Lord Vishnu
Hariprasad blessed by Lord Krishna
Hariram Lord Rama
Harishankar Lord Shiva
Harishchandra King of Surya dynasty, charitable
Haritbaran green
Harjeet victorious
Harkrishna Lord Krishna
Harley Deer Hunter or Archer
Harmendra the moon
Harold powerful ruler or warrior
Haroon hope
Harsh happiness
Harshad happiness
Harshavardhan creator of joy
Harshil joyful
Harshit joyous
Harshita one who gives happiness
Hashmat glory, joyful
Hasit happy
Hassan an Islamic
Heer diamond
Hem gold
Hemadri the Himalaya
Hemamdar golden creeper
Hemanga goldenbodied
Hemant gold
Hemanta early winter
Hemendu golden moon
Heramba Lord Ganesh
Herman high ranking soldier
Himachal the Himalayas
Himadri Himalaya
Himaghna the sun
Himanshu another name for Chandra
Himmat courage
Himnish Lord Shiva
Hiranmay golden
Hiranya gold
Hirendra Lord of diamonds
Hitendra well-wisher
Hriday Heart
Hridaynath lord of the heart, beloved
Hridya sweetheart
Hrishikesh Lord Vishnu
Hugh Heart, Mind
Hugo Intellegence or Sprit
Hulas joy
Hurley Child of the seas and tides
Hussain Islamic thinker, saint


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