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Name Meaning
Tahir holy
Taizeen encouragement
Taj crown
Tajdar corwned
Talat prayer
Talib divine
Talleen absorbed
Tamal a tree with very dark bark
Tamkinat pomp
Tamonash destroyer of ignorance
Tanay son
Tanmay absorbed
Tanuj son
Tanveer englightened
Tapan the sun
Tapas ascetic
Tapasendra Lord Shiva
Tapasranjan Lord Vishnu
Tapomay full of moral virtue
Tarachand star
Tarak protector
Tarakeshwar Lord Shiva
Taraknath Lord Shiva
Taral honeybee
Taranga wave
Taraprashad star
Tarik one who crosses the river of life
Tariq morning star
Tarit lightning
Tarun young
Taruntapan morning sun
Tate Great Talker
Tathagata the Buddha
Tausiq reinforcement
Teerthankar a Jain saint
Tejas lustre; brilliance
Tejeshwar the sun
Tejomay glorious
Thakur leader; God
Theron A Hunter
Tilak auspicious
Timir darkness
Timirbaran dark
Tirtha holy place
Titir a bird
Tito Of the giants
Toshan satisfaction
Trailokva the three worlds
Trambak Lord Shiva
Tribhuvan the tree worlds
Tridib heaven
Trigun the three dimensions
Trilochan Lord Shiva
Trilok the three worlds
Trilokesh Lord Shiva
Tripurari Lord Shiva
Trishanku a king of the Surya dynasty
Trivikram Lod Vishnu
Tufan storm
Tuhin snow
Tuhinsurra white as snow
Tukaram a poet saint
Tulsidas a famous saint
Tushar snow
Tusharkanti Lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra white as snow
Tyagraja a famous poet


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