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Name Meaning
Vachan speech
Vaibhav prosperity
Vaijnath Lord shiva
Vairaja son of Virat
Vajra Lord Krishna's greatgrandson; diamond
Vajradhar Lord Indra
Vajrapani Lord Indra
Vallabh beloved
Valmiki a hermit, author of the Ramayana
Valmiki, Valmik the author of the qpic Ramayana
Vaman fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Vamsi Name of a 'Raaga'
Van forest
Vana intelligence
Vanajit lord of the forest
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
Varij lotus
Varindra lord of the ocean
Varun sky; guardian of immortality
Vasant new; Spring
Vasistha name of a sage
Vasudev father of Lord Krishna
Vatsal affectionate
Ved knowledge
Vedanga meaning of Vedas
Vedavrata vow of the Vedas
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedprakash light of the Vedas
Veera the brave
Veni Lord Krishna
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Venkatesh Lord of Venkata, a sacred hill in the Dravida country; another name for Lord Vishnu
Vibhas decoration; light
Vibhat dawn
Vibhishan a character from the epic Ramayana
Vibhu eternal
Victor Conqueror
Vidor Cheerful
Vidur wise, learned, skilled
Vidyadhar learned
Vidyasagar ocean of learning
Vidyut lightning
Vighnesh, Vignesh Lord Ganesh
Vihanga bird
Vijay victory
Vijendra, Vijanyendra victorious
Vikas brightness; serenity
Vikesh the moon
Vikram valour; heroism
Vikramaditya a well known Indian king
Vikramajit a famous king
Vikranta brave
Vilas play
Vilok to see
Vilokan gaze
Vimal pure
Vinay polite
Vinayak name of Lord Ganesh
Vineet humble
Vinesh godly
Vinod pleasing
Vipin forest
Viplab floating; revolution
Vipra a priest
Vipul plenty
Vir heroic
Viraj splendour
Viral priceless
Virat supreme being
Virendra brave lord
Viresh brave lord
Vishal large
Vishesh special
Vishnu the preserver in the hindu triad or Trimurti
Vishram rest
Vishwambhar the lord
Vishwamitra a sage
Vishwanath the lord
Vishwas faith
Vishwesh the lord Almighty
Vismay surprise
Viswanath lord of the universe; the form of Shiva worshipped in Benaras
Viswas trust
Vithala, Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vivek judgment; knowledge
Vivekananda joy of discrimination
Vrajakishore Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan Lord Kirshna
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna
Vrajesh Lord Krishna
Vrishin peacock
Vyasa the author of Mahabharata
Vyom sky, heaven, atmosphere


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