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Name Meaning
Gafur invincible
Gagan sky
Gajanand Lord Ganesh
Gajendra elephant king
Ganapati Lord Ganesh
Gandharva celestial musician
Gandhik fragant
Ganesh elephant God
Gangadhar another name for Shiva
Gangesh Lord Shiva
Gangeya of the Ganga
Gangol a precious
Garonman house of heavenly song
Garth Protection, enclosure
Garuda king of birds
Gaurav glory, dignity
Gaurinath Lord Shiva
Gautam the wisest
Geet song
George farmer
Ghaibi heavenlyGhaibi Concealed, heavenly
Ghalib excellent
Ghanashyam Lord Krishna
Giles Youthful downy-beared one
Giri mountain
Giridari Lord Krishna
Giridhar Lord Krishna
Girik Lord Shiva
Girilal Lord Shiva
Girindra Lord Shiva
Giriraj lord of the mountains
Girish Lord of the Mountains
Glen Dweller of Valley
Gokul a place where Lord Krishna was brought up
Gopal another name for Krishna
Gopesh Lord Krishna
Gopichand name of a king
Gorakh cowherd
Gourishankar Mt. Everest
Govinda master of the mountain
Gudakesha the archer Arjuna
Gulfam the colour
Gulzar gardener
Gulzarilal name of Lord Krishna
Gumwant virtuous
Gunjan buzzing of a bee
Gunnar Battle Army
Gupil a secret
Gurdeep light of the teacher
Gurpreet love of the teacher
Guru teacher
Gyan knowledge
Gyandev lord of knowledge


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